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romance must be unromantic before it’s true

I used to be one of the most idealistic hopeless-romantics out there. If I had been told there was a dragon, then i’d get on my white dress & wait for a white in shining armor… Needless to say, I’m not any more.

For a while, I went through this ‘i hate all relationships, don’t trust boys, you’re all liars and horny jerks’ stage… then I’m finally figuring out what my real deal is… (here goes:)

Romance (for me at least) feels fake. why? because it seems like an act. like the guy is rein-acting what he saw some other successful wooer do. it makes it hard to believe the motive, when the action is so cliche

it just needs to be original & from the heart before i’ll believe it. the cliche & trite roses, love songs, or chocolates are impersonal & cheating a bit… but, that’s just me.

i’m just saying. Romance isn’t romantic unless it’s unique. cuz that’s why love is wonderful.: because it is two unique people who love each other for their unique qualities. -then shouldn’t their expressions of said love be unique as well?

I find it cheesy & kinda pathetic when a guy get’s me a rose or flower. what a waste of money. but, if he had maybe picked up a rock that happens to have the same shape as my initials… that would be 10x more meaningful to me.

wherever, or however it is


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Secrets secrets are no fun…

Help me figure out this mess!

this mess I’ve become!

different from the rest

but it’s not longer fun…

secrets, secrets buried deep

beneath the time and lies

but the pain is just hiding

until comes its time

who can stop one domino

from from falling on the next?

soon exposed, secrets & wounds

are all that are left

don’t ever put your finger to your lips

never cross your fingers behind your back

don’t ever tell a secret

or soon secrets will be all you have.


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In & Outs

okay, so you know those folks who you start off getting along with so well? the ones who you can’t wait to hang out with & get to know better? BEWARE.

Life doesn’t actually work out that way! it just doesn’t! okay, so people come in & people come out of our little worlds. & one or the other (in or out) are going to suck. it’s a given fact.. whether a sad and/or dreadful ending, or a horribly resentful beginning, somewhere something won’t be happy in your relationship.

Sometimes we get into things that suck. mostly because we never do all our homework & realize just what we are getting into. but then again, in all honesty, it’d be impossible to know what we’re getting into anyways, because we can never EVER know what we have not been introduced to.

In conclusion life can really REALLY suck when a good thing goes sour. & ur stuck there… b/c u gave everything u got to come- to come for what was wonderful, but then it went bad, & now ur living with nothing in ur pocket, & hell each day. That sucks. that really sucks.

but on the good side: u’ll be a lot more grateful for freedom once u get out. darn right u will! LOL


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