romance must be unromantic before it’s true

16 Nov

I used to be one of the most idealistic hopeless-romantics out there. If I had been told there was a dragon, then i’d get on my white dress & wait for a white in shining armor… Needless to say, I’m not any more.

For a while, I went through this ‘i hate all relationships, don’t trust boys, you’re all liars and horny jerks’ stage… then I’m finally figuring out what my real deal is… (here goes:)

Romance (for me at least) feels fake. why? because it seems like an act. like the guy is rein-acting what he saw some other successful wooer do. it makes it hard to believe the motive, when the action is so cliche

it just needs to be original & from the heart before i’ll believe it. the cliche & trite roses, love songs, or chocolates are impersonal & cheating a bit… but, that’s just me.

i’m just saying. Romance isn’t romantic unless it’s unique. cuz that’s why love is wonderful.: because it is two unique people who love each other for their unique qualities. -then shouldn’t their expressions of said love be unique as well?

I find it cheesy & kinda pathetic when a guy get’s me a rose or flower. what a waste of money. but, if he had maybe picked up a rock that happens to have the same shape as my initials… that would be 10x more meaningful to me.

wherever, or however it is


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One response to “romance must be unromantic before it’s true

  1. thebeautifuls

    January 26, 2012 at 8:06 am

    100% agree with you! Someday. . .:-)


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