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Eye’s of Sun-Rays

I dial his number, & want to push ‘send’

I’m trying my hardest to refrain

I can’t believe I’m falling for him

This will probably all go down the drain…

He’s sweet & he’s nice

But he’s definitely not my type

Though, now that I think twice..

I need to change my brand of ‘guy’

The particular breed of ‘conceited jerk’

Seems to be what I gravitate toward.

But obviously that really doesn’t work

It’s not what I want, looking forward

I hate to be cliché & trite

In comparing it to day & night

But I really feel my hopes arise

I really see a truth in his light

Cloudy, grey, miserable days

Can no longer suppress my joy

For I’m illuminated by dazzling rays

radiating from the eyes of that boy

I wonder about tomorrow

I wonder if maybe it will turn out

It’s like I can’t be consumed by sorrow

As long as he is around

Even if I’ve misunderstood this connection

& even if he doesn’t feel the same way toward me,

I thank God for the glimpse of that reflection

…that glimpse of lighted hope in my destiny

I guess we’ll see tomorrow

What this means today

But for now I will not sorrow

for through his eyes, shine forth sun-rays.

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