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I want to build you a Castle…

I want to build you a castle
With stones of joy and trust
And a moat to surround it
Filled with the tears we’ve overcome

I want glowing stained-glass windows,
Cut into rising steeples, noble and grand;
As vivid as the story glowed in your eyes,
That tower miles above where we began.

I want rainbows to beam across our sky.
From white clouds floating in the blue.
Like the clouds we breathed on winter nights
As you pulled me closer to you.

Will you help me build this castle?
And then rule this kingdom with me?
It doesn’t have to last forever…
I just need to know they aren’t all make-believe

… (this wasn’t written about/for anyone. It mostly just came to me as I saw my breath turn into a white cloud in the cold air tonight. And somehow this little poem came out of that. But, i still think it’s sorta cool. so enjoy)

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