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everyone but me

cuz there’s somebody else

nothing yet happened

yet everything changed

by my internal reaction…

let me explain before you say anything….:

you were out of town on vacation

i was bored & had nothing to do

so when i got a text from an old guy friend

i figured nothing wrong with having a good time too.

he was the guy before you, by the way

figured he deserved to know what happened to me.

i really was gunna tell him about us

but somehow i didnt say anything…

im kinda ashamed of myself for that

kinda like im living a lie. (aka wrong)

but it’d be even worse if i didnt break up with u now

cuz, now im just playing along.

i wish i liked you, ur super great

but i dont love you, i dont wnat to be with  u forever.

it was just a day with an old friend

& realized i cant do this anymore.

im sorry, & i wish i knew how to do erase

or go back in time.

cuz my family loves u, & urs loves me.

everyone knows & everyone agrees.

everyone thinks we’re perfect for each other!

everyone!… but me.

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Posted by on June 13, 2011 in (negative), guys/girls, love, Poetry


i hate that i got to

12:24 AM &  i cant turn off the light

because i wont fall asleep until i get this figured out right


how can i break up with him,

when he is completely in love with me?

Who am I to say I know any better?

who am I to say we aren’t meant to be?


I still kinda like him,

probably just as more like a friend.

but if i break up with him,

it’ll be a complete end.


dont want to hurt him,

but this will crush him right through.

& i wish i had never said yes,

never made him think i liked him too.


A girl’s gotta do,

what a girl’s gotta do…

but oh how i hate it,

how i hate, that iv got to.


hope he dont hate me for waiting so long

got a sick feeling everytime before that i’ve tried.

& no, im not sure, but iv been questioning it for some time

& i cant help but think, you deserve a girl who can love you right.


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Posted by on June 13, 2011 in guys/girls, Poetry