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We’re breaking the world…

We broke up a week ago

It was pretty mutual

Didn’t make too much ado

just it wasn’t truthful…

Then the Earth shook me off balance

my world quaked out of place.

& the whole East coast got to have a taste

little did they know GOd was just angry with me…

You came over to talk,

Didn’t get very far

i took over, saying how much

better off we are-

as just friends…

& now there’s a Hurricane

ripping toward new york & DC

only one way to solve this

gotta fix you & me…

I’d take a train through a hurricane,

risk being flooded & stranded in the winds

risk getting lost & never coming home again.


By now I’m not sane anyway

& I’d do anything to get us back again

Cuz this can’t be how our story ends…


We’re breaking the world

we’re breaking our hearts

So, I’m breaking the rules

to get where you are….

& just go dancing one more night…

baby, please, can we, make it right…




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Posted by on August 27, 2011 in after the break, guys/girls, Poetry


But I can’t click send…

Here I sit with an empty screen

All the small talk used already

And my hand hovers wishing that I could

Simply text or tell you what everyone says I should…


I’m really sorry I made it end like that

Don’t want to be forever looking back…

So many things I would change,

But, maybe we can save it still today?


I really miss you.

Can I just kiss you?

Keep looking at my phone…

Wishing beyond hope, for your name to show…


Do you ever think about me?

Do you still want me?

Do you ever miss me?

Would you give us another chance?


If I could just get over my pride

& fear of being denied.

If I could just get us to be us…

But that requires trust…


Would you be my boyfriend again?

I type it all out, but then I click “end.”

Cuz I just can’t bear to send….

& have you shut me down, again.

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Posted by on August 27, 2011 in after the break, Poetry