Heart on a TIME-OUT!

11 Nov

Look I’m sorry for being so honest,

I’m sorry, but the blunt truth,

is that I can’t go on being your friend,

because I think I”m in love with you…

I still haven’t responded

to what your text or email said

& I can’t call you back

for fear of my heart trumping my head.

I miss your laugh & the catch in your voice…

I miss you forcing me to tell the truth.

I miss your stupid jokes, & teasing,

But most of all, i just really miss you…

the craving, yearning, is just weird

& i’m way too embarrassed to admit

how often I think of you and wonder

how you did this to me, darn-it!

It’s torture, because I’m leaving.

& I want you here, right now!

And this song better stay secret

cuz my heart is on a time-out!

It’s not allowed to love you,

It’s the wrong time & place.

but, it’s not not listening to my head,

or what my better sense may say!

“Don’t you dare love him!!!

Don’t you dare fall!”

what a fool I am again!

but i wish i could give him it all.

I’m sure he’s moved on..

& so should I!

but, to be honest with me,

I also know that’s a lie…

It scares me to death,

he can see right through…

get me to tell everything,

think of the damage he could do!

Besides, I’m moving.

so it’s irrelevant anyhow!

I really should get better

at keeping my heart on it’s time-out…

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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Decisions, guys/girls, love, Poetry


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