sighs of ‘could be’

19 Nov

I don’t know what your getting at
or if your getting at anything
all I know is I got myself all worked up
started questioning everything…

But clinging onto the
to the thought of you & me
really isn’t healthy
& it’s draining me of energy
I face this decision, seriously
& shrug, ‘someday, could be’…

I’ve met my match,
you got me confused & unarmed
you know what’s going on
& I’m here feeling charmed

but charms wear off over time
I mean, maybe we could be a we
someday, somewhere, in the future,
but for now, your just exhausting.

For now, you are just a sigh.
for now, you are just a shrug
for now, I don’t know anymore
for now, I’m done. i’m done.

I’m done over-analyzing
i’m done trying to figure it out
Sure, see you someday soon,
right… someday, somehow…


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