Every kiss of hope… for you

21 Nov

A hushed warmth shivered the leaves
As the dusk washed over the light
& a single leaf was swept through the breeze
& kissed me on the cheek tonight…

a fine mist rhythmically tagged the wood,
& the dock cradled me gently along,
A warm summer breeze rippled the lake,
as the crickets chimed me their song…

The glittering winter sparkled
icicles glistened in the moon’s thick glow
And as I breathed white clouds into being,
A snowflake kissed me as it melted on my nose….

A hillside of bluebonnets & daisies awaken
as the velvet sky of glittering stars depart
With an overwhelming joy & peace
The sunrise warmly consoles my heart…

Oh the breath-taking beauty of nature
hardly hides it’s love for my tender spirit…
With every kiss of hope, God whispers,
a message, & I wish you to hear it…

“Child, I spread Eden among the earth,
I light the skies on fire to burn.
For I love sending you peace & beauty,
& I love you even more than you could earn…

…for ’twas I who loved you first…. twas i who molded your face, Tis I who watches over, Tis I am who am your grace.”


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