Not worth loving (3/27/2010)

21 Nov

Don’t love me. it’s not worth it…

to be completely honest with you~

you’ll be like every guy before

if i seem to like you, it’s not the truth


I’m far too complicated

& far too confused

I don’t understand myself

so how on Earth could you?


I’m warning you now

So stop before it’s too late

some people are worth the risk

but, I’m telling you, I ain’t


I’m too afraid of commitment

i’m too scared to follow through

& as soon as it becomes real

i don’t know what to do…


so i just end it

i just run

i just don’t talk

i just don’t love


it’s pretty easy

i’ve got it down to an art

to pretend ur falling

when you really aren’t

I know I’m a horrible person

I’m sorry for leading them on

but in my defense

they knew all along


i told them in my own ways

but they just couldn’t hear

that’s called selective listening

yeah… that didn’t work here


so i guess i really hurt you

but i hurt myself as well

so if it makes u feel better

…ur not the only one going through Hell


trust me on this one thing

don’t take the risk to love me

it’s not worth the heartache after

& there’s nothing worth loving…


anything you think you see

is only what you believe

but if you actually took the time

you’d know u’d been deceived

witty words

& a pretty face

are fake & fleeting

so don’t make that mistake


it’s just not worth it.

don’t try to love me.

you don’t know who i am

on this one thing, trust me.


I’m not worth loving.


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2 responses to “Not worth loving (3/27/2010)

  1. Glitterati

    November 21, 2011 at 10:29 am

    This really resonates loud and clear in the silence. I know how it feels and you prefer to be safe than going through the pain.

    The worst thing is that it’s painful either way when you love someone and choose not to trust it will work and always choose to walk away.

  2. Nanda

    November 21, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    i love the poem, i love the idea of the blog and i love your style!
    reminds me a lot of myself and i could see me in this poem! i just don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing…


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