You are still my little angel

23 Nov

Never let your dreams become yesterday
never let your heart get carried away,
never let your hopes fade to grey,
& never over look the love i don’t say…

‘member the beautiful lightning flashes
while we danced in the sheets of rain?
…two sisters kicking splashes
…but things can never be the same.

here we are years after the thunder,
hundreds of miles separating you & me
praying for each other
& both doing exactly the same thing:

pages lit by the same pale moonlight,
writing letters heart to heart,
wishing on that same shooting star,
that next year we won’t be so far apart…

You will always be my little angel,
you’ll always be part of all I do,
and I wrote this song just to be sure,
you know how much I dearly love you.


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One response to “You are still my little angel

  1. Donnie Gane

    December 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Awesome writing style!


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