“I would rather live 100 years alone.”

13 Dec

I had a dream about you last night
made me so glad you are out of my life.
In my dream your blue eyes lived again,
& you asked me, seriously to be your girlfriend…

I remember being semi-torn at first,
Then thinking how much I’d been hurt…
I remember how i felt that night u stabbed my heart,
when i caught you buying drinks for another girl at our bar…

I remember how you seduced & took advantage
of me waiting for the one I loved to come back home.
Then I rolled my eyes & scoffed in your face,
“I would rather live 100 years alone.”

You said you respected my independence
and it made you like me even more; it was hot…
As always, you didn’t believe i meant what i said,
and you said we just have to give us a real shot…

I woke up with a bitter taste in my mouth
i woke up glad that you are far, far away…
I woke up in grateful appreciation & joy
that I am no longer stuck in yesterday…

and just in case you ever do wonder,
just in case you ever think we could win;
even if or when I do move back, i can assure you,
we will NEVER, EVER happen again.


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