my heart broke today.

13 Dec

you finally broke my heart today.
not because you said something mean,
not because you did something wrong,
but because you moved on without me…

Because I moved to Colorado in body,
but I left my heart believing in you…
and today, i guess it really hit home,
that you’re heart ain’t there waiting too…

It hurt, you being all nice on the phone,
& me knowing you have someone else.
it just hurts, i know it’s my fault, i do…
but that doesn’t exactly help.

And you were the one who was always
there to comfort me in times like these.
but you’re far far away on the Atlantic,
while I’m frantically lost in our memories…

Somehow I thought by holding onto the past,
maybe you would too?
No, of course I’m not crying on the outside,
but my heart just broke in two…

Congratulations, the unbreakable,
proved breakable by you…
I told you we’d never be more than friends,
& the self-fulfilling prophesy came true

Maybe I’m glad your not here to see
i’m glad you don’t & will never know.
that you broke my heart today…
I wonder, if I can ever truly let go…


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2 responses to “my heart broke today.

  1. ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡

    December 13, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    great poem…. well expressed 🙂


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