The fate of Miss Adventure

14 Dec

You can’t burn away a secret
you can’t fill the empty holes…
there are people who are missing…
once family, now just distant souls…

He’s a soldier. he’s my brother.
he’s far away from family tonight
There’s a girl. she’s going crazy.
she’s my sister, I can’t be at her side.

So we gather here in jubilee…
cooking & singing out of tune..
i should be laughing along…
but it’d be fake even if i were to,

I’m trying to be happy I”m here,
But I haven’t found what i came for.
I see the emptiness all around.
I don’t belong anywhere anymore…

That’s the fate of the wanderer
that’s the fate miss adventure,
Memories of what is no more,
is all I’ve brought back from my ventures…


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