Boiled you away…

24 Dec

Oh it’s so wonderful!
learning how to breathe.
oh it’s so painful,
being boiled out of me…

but, sweet is the fruit
of moving beyond the past.
oh what a relief it is
not to dream of you at last.

Oh i’m overwhelmed within my soul,
I breathe, content with a soft smile
warmed by the red embers that glow
after purging you in an internal trial.


somewhat inspired by a fellow poet & wordpress writer, who wrote of using negative poetry to boil negativity away in real life… anyway i used his idea & applied it to my life some, the idea of happy content warm fuzzy feeling after boiling someone away, just seemed too good a poem not to write. anyway, the felow poet’s name is Jonas. & while some of his stuff is dark for this reason, his poetry is hardly child’s play. even at his young age of 14. here’s the link if u choose to check it out!


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One response to “Boiled you away…

  1. jonasthomson

    December 25, 2011 at 7:06 am

    Awesome thanks, “my fellow poet” 😀 very nice indeed


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