“The child BOLD” part I

26 Dec

Faster! Faster! Fly!
Sheets of rain whipped by…
“I won’t stop! for you or I,
i won’t relinquish what’s mine!”

“Give it to me, you naive fool!
you have no idea the power i hold!”
Clumps of ice & mud & cold,
splattered in the wake of the child Bold.

‘Bold’ was the name of her tribe
before the word took meaning…
They were the secret keepers,
they were also the truth revealers…

The Bold was a nation of wisdom,
possessing secrets from all…
They always knew the truth,
& could prevent a mighty nation’s fall…

Run faster whispered the wind,
She felt the parchment rubbing,
it was her first secret to guard…
The enemy was always coming…

The Bold are responsible to nations
to safeguard the truths of old & new
But, of course, there are always those,
who would like to steal what’s true…

Slipping, slipping, scrambling shriek,
her heart was racing with pounding fright,
as she slipped off her horses’ wet back,
& caught a tree as it fell down the mtn side…

“It’s mine!… it’s mine at last”
a greedy eagerly walked to the side…
She dangled on the cliff’s edge,
clasped to the branch for dear life

He kneeled to bend over the side,
upon seeing the parchment rolled & tied…
With one swift motion, he seized her treasure,
then stood up, with a scandalous pride…

Walking away he left her to die…

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  1. Aslan Kanshaw

    December 26, 2011 at 6:35 am

    I have nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award” congratulations
    Hope you accept my nomination , check it out here:”



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