tear my heart with thorns in two

27 Dec

Oh tear the Christmas lights down!
or just unplug them tonight…
This is not a night of peace,
of love, joy, or anything but strife…

Oh, just tear my heart into two…
with a jagged knife, no, use thorns!
then you can scoff at my perfect life
or spit at it with abrasive scorn…

The two reindeer that blink white,
& stare absently into space,
must be wondering why they
are staked into this awful place?

I feel like one of them…
a decoration for the home…
“Oh meet our second daughter,
isn’t she just a rose?!”

but later in the confines,
an evil goblet of poison is quickly downed…
You can call it red wine…
but in our house, it’s venom surrounds…

The snide little comments begin to drizzle
like acid rain from sweet lips
They are my forever happy parents,
Dad, you know this isn’t who she is!

Don’t you dare say that, i beg you!
Oh, please, don’t fall apart before my eyes…
I fall into a corner chair alone…
And pretend the fire has me mesmerized…

I pray to God to just do something…
And my thoughts turn into rhymes…
I run to my escape, not a bottle,
but a journal, at least this time….


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