Next Saturday…

07 Jan

Saw you for the first time
after a year or two…
And I was surprised to see how well,
you looked & acted too…

I am not going to say that
i know the future of anything…
all i know is that, I still
have not stopped smiling!

since when did you make me so happy?
since how did you know me even more?
since when did you seem so perfect?
and why didn’t I see all this, before?

You opened the truck door for me
& I jumped in, and said a thank you…
we drove, I forgot to turn on the music,
because I was too interested in you!

It’s like a small town romance
it’s like a Cinderella cliche type of dream
and I don’t know exactly what changed…
I guess the only change, is all me…

So, let’s see if I can remember how to play
that stupid flirting keep-him-hooked game…
Actually, forget all that this time,
I’ll just be myself & let you decide for a change

Say goodbye in my drive way,
a little awkward ‘just friends’ hug,
I was trying not to say something i’ll regret,
Trying not to fall into your eyes too much…

“okay, next saturday?”
“yeah, i’ll try”…
Right, so next saturday…
I feel my smile rise…


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