why wish on a star?

10 Jan

I can’t believe myself sometimes
am I seriously about to risk
all the wonderful times we’ve had
to be more than just friends?

what’s so bad about that, anyway?
I mean, friends really are great.
Please stop making me fall,
stop making me think this is fate…

I found out yesterday, that
we were born in the same hospital…
thousands of miles away,
twenty two years before my fall…

serendipity, whatever that means?
or just best friends,
bound by total understanding?

Damn it! i don’t even curse,
but right now, i can’t stand this!
this desire is scaring me to death
& eating me alive, it is!

I should be worrying right now,
i have so much to think about,
so why am i dreaming about us?
Why can’t I make myself get out…

You’ll never find another girl like me,
& you know that’s true.
I know you backwards & forwards,
I know all the little things you do…

I half want to just sell all that i have,
& fly to where you are.
But what a silly little plan,
as silly as wishing on a star.

How could a star answer my wish?
Why do I still blow dandelion seeds?
what makes 11:11 so special?
& Why didn’t I let you fall in love with me?


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2 responses to “why wish on a star?

  1. anselmking

    January 13, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    –Wow how strange—11:11 has always been a special time for me too. A.M. and P.M.–

    But on to more important things—Love causes such conflicting emotions. Some give away their love with willingness and ease, while others hold back—fight it with fear and apprehension. Bearing your heart to another can be frightening and exhilarating all at once. I know. Wondering what will happen—if it’s worth the risk—are they thinking of you as often as you are of them? Why haven’t they called yet—are they with someone else? The possible heartache, the possible joy. So many possibilities. Reveal your true self—not only in words, but in action and deed.

    • unwrittentruth

      January 14, 2012 at 2:17 am

      The guy is my best friend of years. Originally, we met in college in FL, he asked me out, & I said no. We decided we are only going to be best friends (mostly with a lot of my prompting). Now, a few years later, it occurred to me i think i may like him. We still talk all the time. But, when it comes down to it, i am just not willing to risk ending our friendship. I’m actually almost more afraid he’d want to start a relationship, than that he’d say no. Because i think people can get over rejection, but idk if we could get over a disintegration of our friendship/relationship if we ever broke up after. So, I didn’t say anything & I really don’t think i will. I think it’s more just living in the middle of nowhere now, makes me reconsider all those guys i know in my life. & while i care for him a very great deal, it’s as a friend. time has been good to me this time. I am so glad that i waited


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