Destiny’s dance

11 Jan

She caught the twinkle in his eyes;
always bringing it to a laughing glint,
He made her internal sunshine glow,
as long as she was around him…

They lit up their worlds like the milky way,
a long streak of wishes came true,
and all the stars twirled in their dance,
as they looked on, upon me & you…

No ocean’s wave shall float me away,
i want you to hold me bravely in your arms,
no winds of change shall blow me off course,
from my mission to secure my place in your heart.

Feel that warm breeze in the dead of winter?
feel that odd peace as you think of my visit?
I feel an unnatural amount of anxiety growing,
between my magical dream & my ability to live it…

Come, please can we just glow forever,
i never want to not be your very best friend.
All I know, is that I was wrong, & you were right,
don’t disappoint the stars, the sea, & the wind!

Look, we are as destined as it gets,
we are as perfect as a couple comes,
our love story would be so complete,
… if only, you also want to make this love…


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One response to “Destiny’s dance

  1. Francois Bergh

    January 11, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Falling… The most beautiful part of love. You spun me full of goosebumps with this one! Keep it up!


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