‘Funny’ word of fools

12 Jan

Funny, how things change,
& it’s funny, how some things don’t.
funny, how sometimes I just jump in,
& funny how this time, I won’t.

Funny how it isn’t funny at all,
because this is the one time i should,
I wouldn’t have said ‘no’ when you asked,
if i knew i’d wish so badly now you would…

Funny… that word isn’t funny at all,
it mocks the laughter it brings,
funny… irony dances with the fool,
who seeks fun in such silly things…

such very silly things as these…


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One response to “‘Funny’ word of fools

  1. anselmking

    January 13, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    –I really like the flow of this poem. Not much I can say because you’ve already said it all here. (=D) The “meter” is very well constructed.–


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