Silliness (written 2 years ago)

14 Jan

Oh silly us, oh silly me
for ever believing that we could be…
Oh silly truth, oh silly lies,
oh silly secrets, that we hide…

oh silly come, oh silly go,
oh silly need you, silly wanna be alone…
oh silly yes. oh silly no..
oh silly ‘i wonder,’ which way this will go?

oh silly near, oh silly far
oh silly mind, oh silly heart
Oh silly you wanted me yesterday,
oh silly, for me to just walk away,

And now, time changes
And now, I find that I’m makin’
Silly plans for my future,
That I know, won’t work out…

So here we are, now looking back…
So far apart, both putting on an act…

& I’m trying to convince myself,
& I’m trying to convince you too,
that I never did like you for true…

maybe someday we can be,
something more than that,
but we lost what we had,
so how can I ever go back?

To yesterday?
When everything we had,
Has gone away?
Ain’t it sad, ?

That we were both just too stubborn to say…

Oh silly lies,
Oh silly truth,
Oh silly time,
For making me leave you

Oh silly why, ain’t my mind letting go?
Oh silly, but, I just don’t know…
If I can do this, if I can move on,
Why can’t I stop singing these songs?

Oh silly why?
Oh silly how?
Oh silliness,
Won’t let us work it out…

What silliness…

written: February, 2010

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