5 steps before Love (what do you think?)

19 Jan

1. Break
2. Melt/Thaw
3. Forgiveness
4. fire/ Strength
5. love wholly
okay, so hear, i outlined the process of healing. I think God kinda goes by this, but i could be wrong. (tell me what you think.)

1. Break- Dude, some hearts, like mine, were too hard with pride, fame, know-it-all-ness, or plain old stubbornness… These hearts, have to be broken to be entered into.
Mind you this is reflected in Christ’s example of the breaking of the bread in the Eucharist.

2. Melting/thawing. This never feels good. Because now your pride or whatever was crushed & u suddenly realize just how wrong, messed up, or bad you are. It’s like when you are really cold & all numb, u don’t feel pain anymore. But then, once you get in a hot bath, it really hurts & just aches as your body is thawed back into feeling. Sorry, but the thawing process really does hurt. But it’s worth it in the end. Oh, btw, this is the slowest & probably longest step… Think of thawing chicken, or something. God is not trying to burn us…just to soften us. Just to warm our hearts to love again. So it’s a slow process, not a microwave. We can feel abandoned, like a piece of chicken left on the cabinet instead of thrown back in the Freezer… but this isolation is just what we need here.

3. Forgiveness- Where we realize we need forgiveness & learn to accept it. This is all a process. That is a lot longer than it sounds. Between the admitting we need it, & then seeking it out, & then ACCEPTING IT once it has been given… well, this can all take a while.

4. The fire! We can now feel & for the first time in a while, the feeling is good. (most of step three, we feel guilty most of the time). We feel the fruit of forgiveness. We love, we are filled with hope, & usually a passion to do some sort of service. God will call u to something in this state. Be very aware & open. If it’s art, try religious art, or donating pieces at local galas for fundraisers, etc… God puts the desires in our hearts & the talents in our beings, both for a reason… to use it.

5. In the passionate giving of ourselves in step #4, we receive a strong sense of fulfillment, joy & happiness. This is where we have that inner love that shines for the world. It won’t be long before many take notice, & usually the one won’t be able to resist that sort of passionate goodness. Only in this state (& sometimes #4), are we able to give love fully in return. Are we able to be humble lovers.


Remember that there is no time-frame. & I can not say how long it will be after this, all i know, is that i highly doubt you will find anyone before the completion of 4 & at minimum after #3….

Oh & if you are waiting for the one, remember, maybe they are not as far in the process as you are. be patient & wait. know that- “HE makes everything beautiful in its own time” Ecclesiastes 3:11 NIV


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