God has not abandoned His people…

19 Jan

“God is not figuring it out, just because your prayer is not answered the way you like it to be. “no” is an answer too. He already figured it out. He already knows your next prayer, & He already answered it. Just wait.” ~Lianna Daniel

God has not forsaken us. We are not alone! Satan & evil is on this Earth. But, all around us God sends in little reminders of His deep love & care for us. not for our bodies! but for our souls!

Feel his love in a sister’s hug, a mother’s words, a child’s admiration, or even a stranger’s nod. See that flower blooming in winter? it blooms FOR YOU.

Here is a revolutionary idea that is ages & ages old: NOTHING IS A COINCIDENCE…

Who is the bigger fool? the man who sees a rainbow, after crying, & think that’s it’s a miracle/sign of God’s love? or the man who shakes his head & thinks it couldn’t be?

WHY NOT!? Do you actually believe that YOU KNOW HOW GOD WORKS? You think you could say he wouldn’t work in something that trivial? GOD WORKS IN EVERY WAY SMALL & BIG that is good.

He loves you. stop pushing it off. I can’t bear this world loosing it’s hope. All around me people filled with tears, doubt, shame, hopelessness… I know the economy is dreadful… times are hard & only getting harder… But God is real.

He has not abandoned our world. He is beautiful. he loves you. All he wants is for you to love him & feel that powerful pure love poured into your soul. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

God has not abandoned the Earth.

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