Tendering of the Heart

19 Jan

(sorry, i seem to be out of poems right now. So this is in prose)

I was listening to Blake Shelton’s song “God Gave me You.” Then I looked out as the dark forest extended out my window. An odd sensation washed over me…

I’m not sure what word I would use to describe it. It wasn’t a high or excitement, nor was it despair and grief. The closest I could compare it to was determination & faith. A faith that things will get better, & a determination to help make it that way…

I looked out & wondered where “my one” was right now… These are my times of doubt & hard times, aren’t i supposed to have someone help me through? & then i got it. God wants me to lean on Him, here & now. He did give me someone, He gave me His son…

I have faith that He is preparing someone for me now… And also that now, he is preparing me for someone else. I’m beginning to feel a thawing. It requires many tears, but… I feel more now. I think this is good

God is tendering my heart.

What is he doing to yours? Do you feel him? You do know he’s there, though, right? you do know, he’s not off working somewhere else & will be back…? He’s still here, He never leaves.

I pray you do know that. I pray your heart requires less work than mine. God Bless, truth


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One response to “Tendering of the Heart

  1. zzzisle

    January 19, 2012 at 4:30 am

    amen. he is always there for us despite our faults.


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