didn’t know roller coasters were scary…

01 Feb

that flower that took the risk
and came up early in February,
it’s a sad story; it should have stayed,
under the warm earth, ’till spring’s heat…

I don’t want to be that early shoot,
the one that goes brown and freezes soon,
i don’t want to be the worm that comes out,
just to be eaten by the early bird off the ground…

But I also know that I may lose my chance,
i also know that i might as well not try again…
and I’ve never had a single love work out before,
so why should I risk a friend to loose in the end…

Maybe, I’m not afraid of commitment after all,
maybe, I”m just afraid of failure and rejection…
maybe, if i knew he would always love me, i could…
but when i see love, i run in the opposite direction…

but this time, my heart is on rails,
i can’t steer it away from you,
it’s picking up speed quickly,
i’ve lost control & my breaks too…

i need a detour fast,
someone to distract me…
for all the poems i write from far away,
i’m awful at love in reality…

Jump out of this roller coaster,
and I shall fall onto concrete,
or I can face my fears of trusting,
never knew this tunnel was so long & deep…

and love is so scary
didn’t know i’d have to give up control…
didn’t know i’d have no choice,
didn’t know you could make me a fool…

didn’t know it was such a risk,
didn’t know it made one insane,
didn’t know there is no reverse,
yet had i known, id try just the same…

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One response to “didn’t know roller coasters were scary…

  1. Love and I Do

    February 1, 2012 at 4:51 pm


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