You say I’m worth it…

09 Feb

You asked if I might want to be your girlfriend,
I said you have to ask my dad before I can say yes,
and I would like to take a few weeks first,
before putting us into the public’s crazy tests…

I tell you that today, i don’t have a car,
you offer to come pick me up instead…
I truly don’t want to become an imposition…
then I was amazing by what you said…

You said i was worth the extra miles,
worth the gas & waiting some time…
worth the chance of rejection
worth sucking up all your pride….

You said i was worth making a few changes,
worth shaving your beard each day again,
worth loosing a little sleep for a quick movie,
worth being called whipped by your friends…

I’ve come to the conclusion,
you are worth it all too….
worth fighting stupid social status,
my family will have no choice but you,

worth not having the best looking guy,
worth not ever being rich, truly…
worth defending your tattoos and twang…
yes, you are worth all of this to me…

you said i’m worth it…
I say you’ve earned it…


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One response to “You say I’m worth it…

  1. Michael

    February 9, 2012 at 6:13 am

    Very nice post. You deserve to be congratulated because you earned it. Have a great day and Happy Valentine’s Day. !!!


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