Lucky is more than luck

10 Feb

Lucky is a concept I don’t truly believe…
But i use it all the time for you & me…
I think it might be smart to take a moment now,
& clarify what i mean by ‘lucky’ to have me around…

“Lucky” is deserved
lucky is worth it…
lucky is i like you,
‘lucky’ is you’ve earned it…

lucky is as lucky does,
but lucky is more than chance,
lucky is that i found a guy
who can teach me a new dance

lucky is that it’s mutual
& that doesn’t happen too much,
lucky is that you’re truthful,
& we like all the exact same stuff…

lucky is that you found me,
just in the nick of time…
lucky is that we both know,
we are lucked out tonight…

lucky is us together,
lucky is all that we do…
lucky is the 1 in a million chance,
that I won & found you


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One response to “Lucky is more than luck

  1. Bluesander

    February 11, 2012 at 1:12 am

    Lucky indeed. What a lovely, sweet piece.


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