bigger than this…

12 Feb

Dad says ‘girl you’re such a mess’
he thinks this is moving way too fast,
that if i take a moment to step away,
i’d realize you & I can’t really last…

He may have a point,
though, i hate to admit it,
0 to 100 in 1 week flat,
makes me think to question it…

But the truth be told, I’m afraid.
i’m afraid that if i may never love again.
im afraid that the problem is actually me.
i just really want to make sure that i can..

i’m so afraid I will find it’s not him,
& have to start over with everything new…
Not to mention, having a buddy is so nice,
but, we know, that’s not what I am to you….

I just want a best friend to hang out with here…
even if he holds me every now & then,
and hiking, poker, soccer aint exactly for girls,
so I have a challenge finding a good friend…

He is the best in town, i know…
but, the world is much greater than this…
I can’t believe I’m questioning it already….
I can’t believe I’m already so far in his kiss


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One response to “bigger than this…

  1. lindsaym

    February 12, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    “I can’t believe I’m so far into his kiss.” Simply wonderful and completely accurate.


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