can we please go change the world, tonight?

03 Mar

Can we please change the world tonight?
I’m not really sure what I even mean…
all i know is that i can’t stand feeling locked to
a single latitude & longitude’s degree…

Let’s go tame two wild mustangs
and explore the west on horse-back…
or maybe gather some drift wood,
& float to Hawaii on a home-made raft…

I’m even cool with just a hot air balloon,
& drifting to who knows where in careless flight…
I know I sound crazy & perhaps I am…
I just am ready to have the adventure of my life…

Politics & writing don’t get anywhere these days,
and people dissect everything i say & do into shreds…
So i’m tired of following the proper way to do things,
can we please just play it by ear, instead…?

I want to explore the world tonight…
but if four moonlit blocks is as far as we go away…
that’s just fine with me, after all,
they probably wouldn’t believe it all anyways…


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One response to “can we please go change the world, tonight?

  1. Julia

    March 13, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    I really like this one, so simple and yet the determination makes it great.


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