oh God be in this…

10 Mar

Oh, God I hope you’re here
behind the avalanche of hope & fear…
because my heart is quickly falling down,
off my solid throne of regal doubt….

Oh, I don’t even know what’s from where?
lusts or meaningful promises from near?
trust or actual love rooted from afar?
I simply don’t know where to lend my heart…

And God, if you’re not too preoccupied,
hearing prayers & healing tears the world has cried,
Oh please send me some clarity of the soul,
show me whether to reveal it to him in whole?

& give me the courage to speak up if it’s from you,
and I know i will need the words to speak the truth…
but most of all, dearest beloved of mine, true…
Please if you can do it, help him love me too…


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