I still haven’t woken up….

20 Mar

Even my dreams seemed realer than this!
As I’m lost in complete happiness….
It’s like one of those perfect chick flicks,
That I thought in true-life don’t exist…

How can this be reality?
After all the pictures of how it would be…
It’s so insane truly living your dreams
I had no idea you were in love with me!

And for how amazingly well
We know each other inside out
It’s amazing neither of us were sure
Both held back by risk & doubt…

Honestly, both of our dreams came true,
I had no idea that actually happened for real,
And now that I have you to call mine
Our love story is unbelievably unquestionably real.

You told me you loved me & have for over a year
I told you that I love you more than I ever have before,
And you know I don’t make promises, that I can’t keep…
But I promise to love you as long as you love me & more….

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One response to “I still haven’t woken up….

  1. lifeinthefarcelane

    March 21, 2012 at 12:00 am

    I hear you re screaming and anonymity x


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