Rear-view love story… come true

20 Mar

All those nights wondering what you would do
If I were to break down & confess my love to you,
Days & months & years we’ve been just best friends
I couldn’t bear the thought of risking letting that end…


Little did I know all those nights so close to truth,
Little by little, I gave my heart totally to you…
And when we said good night & both went to sleep,
I had no idea, you went to bed, & dreamed of me!


When in the rear-view we’ve loved each other for ages,
And it’s such a wonderful time, turning through our memory pages…
All along, I don’t know why or how I didn’t see from the start,
That I could never find a better lover or match for my heart….

Wo, oh oh

Give me a microphone, no uncertainty here..
I will shout it out, make it officially very clear…
No denying, I’m so freaking in love with you,
And the best part is, that you are in love with me too…

I’ve dreamed about this a thousand times,
So gently you held your hand in mine,
And now that this is actually coming alive,
I keep waiting to wake up from this high….

But wo-oh oh…

You stare at me with silver blue eyes…
Now I know why I love full moon nights…
You touch my face and pull me close to you,
Saying, “tonight I feel like, I’m holding something true.”
…For the first time in my life, I really do too


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