the perfect knowledge, everyone knew….

20 Mar

You picked up the microphone reluctantly,
When the music played you locked your eyes on me,
Sang Elvis Presley can’t help falling in love with you,
And by the look on your face, that’s when I knew….

And I’m hooked in your silver blue eyes
I’m hooked on your dark handsome hair,
I’m hooked on how you put your arm around me,
And my heart is floating on the air…

I know your fears, I know your plots & schemes,
I know your heart, your dreams & what you want,
I know your humor, & your matter-of-fact ways,
But I had only dreamed what it would be to know your love

I know your music & heard the songs you’ve written,
I know your history & I know you never listen.
But I didn’t know all this time, you were truly smitten,
Disguised as a best friend, my heart’s been given.

And now, I know the truth from your side too…
You know my heart, you know my dreams,
You’ve written me songs, I wrote you poetry…
And for over a year, you’ve been in love with me…

And where we both began our journeys,
that rainy city by the great big sea.
So it was you all along, through everything,
I hope you know I’ll love you eternally.

All those mirror rehearsals, praying…
“God, give me the courage to speak”…
Meanwhile, You were plotting how to make me
fall in love with you in one week…

Our little comedy romance
is better than any movie I’ve ever seen…
A brutally painfully slow buildup,
To what everyone else saw coming….


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