fallen as deep as love goes, im sure

23 Mar

I’m done falling in love,
i can’t imagine any deeper than this…
I get butterflies & sweet dreams
from your goodnight messages…

And I never want to love
anyone in the world but you again…
you will either break my heart,
or make me the happiest girl on the planet…

and i just don’t know how to say this…
i can’t explain the joy & honor within…
i can’t even write a poem that does honor
to your utter & complete perfectness…

I want to hold your hand through it all
be it tearful losses or joyful gains…
you know that i will never leave behind,
nor abandon you in moments of pains…

i would do anything to secure
what i very possibly already have…
though, i know i by no means deserve…
all your love & loyalty… i’m so glad…

i don’t use the word ‘love’
until after a year is my rule,
never happened before,
so I was never made the fool…

but with you, we said it on day 2…
but with you, i’d marry you today,
but for you, i’d realign the star paths,
if i knew it was the only way…

to make you love me


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2 responses to “fallen as deep as love goes, im sure

  1. holeinthefabic

    March 23, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Your mystery intrigues me and this post does make me smile and think back on a time in my life I felt the same way about someone.

  2. Da Absentee

    March 24, 2012 at 2:18 am

    great ending!!!


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