more than a world to me

25 Mar

Don’t make me run away,
Dear God, please help me stay…
so torn between love & fear
just want to have you be near…

& if that means leaving my home…
if that means leaving the sunshine & stars,
if that means leaving my full time job with kids…
Then you know I will do it, but it will be hard…

I’d go days & days without food for you,
give up my last drink of water too,
Just so you know, I want to see this through,
finally i know i’m in love.. with you…

I know there are questions you can’t answer now
but i can wait as long as time is old,
one year with you is worth more than a lifetime without
You warm my heart when I’m cold…

I’d write a thousand songs with your name in them,
or keep it hidden if you asked it of me,
there ain’t nothing in the world i would hold back from you,
I’ll love you as long as I can breathe..

because you are more than a world to me…
you are an infinitly reaching galaxy,
filled with hopes & beautiful dreams,
you are my love, you are my destiny


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