secrets come naturally

26 Mar

Secrets, they just come naturally to me…
holding in the magnitude is far to easy…
because last time i shared feelings with a boy so deep,
he ran away, far away from me…

I know that was sweet sixteen,
& i was a fool to think it was real,
& this is obviously way more than
any feeling before i ever did feel,

but some scars, never heal,
you are my best friend, thank God…
but even to you, i’m so afraid,
what if we both turn out to be so wrong?

will we be so much more hurt if we know
how much we’ve hurt each other in the end?
maybe we never should have gone out…
I can’t bear the thought of loosing my best friend…

No, I don’t want to break this,
i’m just so afraid if you read all these poems,
that you might change your mind,
or no longer really want to talk again on the phone…

See, this is me freaking out,
some things never change, you know…
This is why I can’t do long distance,
i need you here to hold me, & never let go…

Secrets, are far too easy to keep,
unless I”m looking into your silver blue eyes,
then they all just pour out in great waves,
like the moon entices out the ocean’s tide…


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One response to “secrets come naturally

  1. Da Absentee

    May 20, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    see.. you knew it was going to be hard with the long distance. it will pass. now you know you need to plan. You have a big future to look forward too! 🙂


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