Oh it’s you…

31 Mar

Knowing what you’ve got when you’ve still got it…
that’s just like me & you…
knowing how it it will end, before it happens,
I swear my heart is speaking truth…

when I say this is forever.
when i say the L-word, so overused…
I’ve never felt so certain
without doubt about who i’d choose,

Oh it’s you & your witty jokes,
oh it’s you & your idealistic dreams
oh it’s you & how you care too much,
go ahead & care too much about me…

Oh it’s you & your romantic lines,
it’s you & how you write me reassuring songs,
oh it’s you & your silver blue eyes,
Oh it’s you & it’s been you all along…

I love how you can go off for an hour
about some political irrelevancy,
I love how if you go, you go all the way
I love your great big crazy family…

I love your values how they are rocks,
i love how amazing you are with kids,
i love our late night whispering talks…
I love how I can trust you with all of this…

I love how for the life of you,
you can’t tell me a lie,
& how your lips kind of curl
& give it away if you try,

the best feeling ever is waking up,
& realizing it wasn’t a dream…
It’s so magical what we’ve got right here,
& the best part, is it’s a mutual reality…


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