dream of the sunrise

14 Apr

She hung a dream catcher over my bed,
saying no more nightmares could get through,
i watched the beads quiver with apprehension
as the hot air was swirled by a fan in my room…

I dreamed i was a little warrior,
with red & white paint on my tanned face,
somehow separated from my tribe,
I was lost in a foreign forested place…

I remember feeling a warm breeze of comfort,
then a strength & understanding wash over me,
I ran to the top of a mountain and saw the sun rise
a horizon of beautiful colors glowed my heart into peace…

I woke up with the light of red & whites,
pouring into my window the next day,
I held that vision of beauty in my heart for years,
feeling that strength & hope in better days…

Knowing my future hadn’t risen yet…
knowing the sunrise is only where it begins…
But today it hit me like the sun-rays,
that mountaintop sunrise, is exactly where I am.

Looking at a gorgeous glowing horizon,
feeling strength, peace, & joy rising within…
for here in the Rocky mountains of Colorado,
the nightmares have all finally come to an end.

Good morning love.
good morning hope
good morning life
Let my heart burn aglow


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3 responses to “dream of the sunrise

  1. Anne Sikes

    April 14, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Beautiful!! I loved this!

  2. Da Absentee

    April 21, 2012 at 3:49 am

    talking about Colorado . I do love turning west and seeing those mountains everyday. its so different from home. I liked this one.


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