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magical as sunshine to me

You know all these days & times,
and all these songs & rhymes,
simply cannot do justice to you & me…

When there are hopes & fears,
mixed in with the joys & tears,
that stand with miles in between…

But as the future is taking shape..
I stop & look into your pixellated face,
and realize, you’re still everything to me…

You are my ocean side breeze,
the kind that personifies total peace,
and when you smile, it’s like that to me…

You are my shooting star
that i wish on each night from so very far,
totally distant, but still within reach…

You are my perfect summer day
I hope that you never go away,
I guess i just hope that someday you will see…

you are as magical as sunshine to me.


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no trades for me.

uncertainty lingers behind the promises we make…
“I mean it, if you do…” is so much easier to say…

Than to admit to you, with humble truth,
i would be crushed if you ever let us end.
than to truly just tell you, that no matter what,
you are going to be the one to win…

you will either win my heart forever,
or you will win when when you break it behind…
but the only reason i’m using these if’s…
is to make it seem like i’m not so blind…

But, honestly, Kevin, you know i am.
I wouldn’t have dated you if i didn’t think
there was a permanent enhancement of
all that we already were & could be…

I know that I am so lucky to be with you.
Yes, i want to be treasured, but only by you.
a dear friend is the greatest treasure of all,
and you, my dear, have proven golden true.

I love you, i miss you… let’s make this last.
i want you, i trust you… while it can’t be fast…
i would have waited for you, another 10 years,
and i will wait for you, despite trials & tears…

i am yours & you are mine.
no questions or doubts fill my mind.

i swear i’ve loved you from the beginning of time.
we were born in the same room, & fate doesn’t lie.
you say you wouldn’t trade being with me for the world…
well i wouldn’t trade you for the world and an extra life…

i love you.


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when acorns were gold

Back when girl friends were good friends,
boys had cooties & dirt on their faces…
back when any question of who was right,
was solved by playground races…

back when saying good bye was easy
when i didn’t know how long 4 months meant…
back when acorns were money at recess,
and I would find a new friend when an old one went….

back then, i wouldn’t have missed you so bad
back then, i would be satisfied for the times you were here,
but now, I know how very long 4 months can be,
and right now, I wish i could just move out there..


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Your forgiveness & your love…
your loyalty… your trust…best friends.
i’ve never met anyone like you in my life
and i’m sure i never will ever again.

I will do anything & everything to show you.
I will be yours forever & even more…
I can’t believe I was ever such a fool,
as to not know, but now I’m sure…

You are mine, i’m claiming you now.
& i’ll be yours, through & through.
no more questions, no more challenges,
I’ve narrowed it down to no one or you.

Look, i know i go crazy with the distance,
but i still haven’t left you yet, have I?
and i know i shouldn’t use it as a threat,
i promise I’ll work to be better, more than just try…

i love you. i want you.
& if you can’t love me, no one can.
i miss you, i wish you,
were here right now, holding my hand…


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burst of regret

Fading into the sunset
my stomach knots all burst today…
and I made threats i didn’t mean
said things i ought never say….

and as soon as i said it,
i saw your face & my heart broke,
never felt so awful & wrong &
and I felt the tears pint up in my throat…

Oh maybe I’m crazy…
Heaven knows I didn’t mean that
you shook your had sadly,
said your doing all you can & then that…

you’ve done everything to show me
that you love me inside out,
and if that isn’t enough for me,
well then, that’s for me to figure out…

I couldn’t say sorry enough times.
wish you were here to hold you close
i can’t believe that you forgave me again…
said that for you, I should trust & know…

you’ll always love me.
never doubt that your love is true.
I wish i had you here
i promise i want to see this through…


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Love is a gift

Love is more than missing you.
Love is more than just kissing too,
love is more than what anyone can give.
love is more, because love is a gift…

you can’t force no one to love you
can’t trick you into forever and more…
and i wish i could express just how long
i intend to truly love you for…

It’s more than i have inside me
it’s more than you can take…
love is it’s own life
glowing in our hearts each day…

It has it’s own dreams & notions
i would never have all by myself…
it has it’s own understanding
it has it’s own medicine for health…

a hug here after a misunderstanding,
head on your shoulder, arms held tight…
an,  “i’m sorry that i ever doubted you”
and an “i love you, that’s alright”…

love is a hug, it’s a kiss…
it’s a vision, it’s a wish…
but it’s so much more than this
because love… love is a gift…


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Feather on a Kite

my hand is clenched on a feather
i found floating on the waves,
the six year old me cherished it as
if it were a pair of wings to save…

just one feather white & gray,
stuck in my hair, worn in my pocket,
i almost stored my treasure in a chest
shut the hinges & the locked it…

but i decided this dear feather of mine
deserved one last chance to fly,
so i tied it onto the string of my kite
& let it soar to the reaches of the sky…

when the kite descended on the grass,
and i went to recollect my friend,
i found it had flown a way from me,
we had met our short journey’s end….

Indeed, that was one lucky feather on the waves,
shed by some bird to drown in the sea…
and even as a human girl, i believe i would feel
honored to have anyone cherish me so throughly…

the love of a child,
is incomparible to those grown ups…
because after heart breaks,
death, and breaches of solid trust..

sooner or later we grow up,
& just let feathers float by,
oh but let the children be children,
let them dream, while there’s still time…


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guilty gossip

Do you ever get that feeling?
that there’s someone in the room?
looking over your shoulder,
and observing every little thing you do…

just a single text
could come back to bite,
if your conscious chose to speak,
about any little white lie…

oh i wish i didn’t gossip,
i wish i could rewind the words,
i feel bad for spreading rumors
i know for which someone will hurt…

and i should just keep my mouth shut,
but it comes down to me or them,
and i’m not in the business of sinking,
so steal their world with guiltiness


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stolen from the wild…. totally yours

Have you ever been so confused
about feelings you couldn’t understand?
ever been so afraid of love,
you almost didn’t give it a chance?

Have you ever wanted to run away
& unleash your wild side on the world?
pretend that feelings are for the weak?
and live the gypsy life of a music girl?

Wo-oh oh… that’s me, that’s I —
always fighting dreams that tie…
but you hold fast to my heart
with your love & silver blue eyes…

And in a backwards sort of jailbreak,
you stole my heart out of the wild terrain,
and have broken me into a faithful love…
your crazy dreams have made me tame…

somehow i’m freer with you at my side
than i ever was alone at the wheel…
& if i tried putting confusion into words,
i guess that’s how you make me feel…

totally crazy, totally wild
totally tamed, totally a child,
totally free, totally alive,
totally stuck on you for life…

totally begging, totally giving,
totally accepting, totally living,
finally have something to live for,
that finally, i am totally yours….


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no more leavin’ behinds

I aint the same old girl you knew four years ago…
gunna prove with the time, i ain’t leavin’ no more…
and I realize my track record ain’t on the stayin’ side…
but, with you, babe i promise i’m sure.

I may get frustrated whine or cry
every now & again when I’m out here,
but for the first time I’m sticking through it,
love is the only reason I so truly care…

wish i could take back those flings
wish i could rewind the hearts I left behind…
because you were there from the beginning,
I wish i would have just taken you as mine…

but then, this is perfect, here & now
exactly how it was destined to be,
so i won’t complain, just know,
i would give up just about everything…

tonight i realized, it doesn’t much matter where you are,
i’d move to be the only girl to stand at your side,
because i’ll always love you, from the depths of my heart,
and I want you to be part of my day to day, year to year life…


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