I shall fight. it’s my choice to make.

02 May

And I will fight fight fight,
fight until the battle is won,
i am the heartless queen,
with the urge to flee and run…

And I’m torn in two,
as to when it’s wrong or right,
i feel my heart beats drum,
like the soldiers’ before a fight…

But I will love love love,
love beyond when my heart breaks,
never going to give her up,
I’ll do whatever it takes…

And I will sound a battle cry,
in my tears on my journal page…
rousing courage within myself,
to push through another stress filled day…

Aint no U-turns allowed,
it’s a high-speed chase,
But don’t tell me it’s too much,
this is my life & choice to make.


i wrote this today about my sister. (she has aspeger’s/suicidal & many feel she should be in a mental facility) however, i think it also applies well to a woman i know who had a child & chose to fight to keep it & put it up for adoption. i know the child. such an inspirational story. beautiful.


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