bestfriend to boyfriend and more

06 May

When I look at you it’s weird
i see my best friend sometimes
and my boyfriend at others,
but they don’t quite coincide

Tonight was the first night
when i looked at you
and I saw both my best friend call me out,
as well as, my boyfriend saying ‘i love you’

at the same time…
there was no switch that took place,
you were right there, best-friend & boyfriend,
with that smug little ‘i know you’ smile on your face…

And while I might be a scared-y cat from fear,
and i might hate confrontation in real life,
and i may be over practical about everything,
instead of just sitting back & enjoying the ride…

well, we’re still gonna have a great trip, you know it.
me & you, we’ll be alright…
just promise me that you & I
will stay best-friends, through the whole time…


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2 responses to “bestfriend to boyfriend and more

  1. holeinthefabic

    May 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Wow this literary has to be my favorite thing you have posted. I can relate with this post so well I remember the exact moment I realized my gf became my best friend as well. At that moment I knew that we could of gotten through anything no matter how difficult it may have been.


    • unwrittentruth

      May 8, 2012 at 9:37 am

      thank you so much. it’s great feeling writing something that is personal but other’s can relate with too. your feedback means a lot. and it sounds like you have an amazing gf & relationship. congratulations! =) that’s something to celebrate


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