just take care of yourself…

08 May

Don’t tell me I should get out,
I’ve done that one time too many before,
Then later send me some drunk text,
that it’s my fault you can’t move on anymore…

I have a boyfriend now & i’m happy
you said you were fine with just friends,
then you make me feel all guilty
that I ended it with you back then…

I’m sorry but my ‘friend’,
it’s time to move on in your life,
i’m not talking about some rebound,
i mean do something real with your time…

I’m sorry but my ‘friend’
you need to let me go and I’ll help
i won’t come back around anymore…
it’s time you started to take care of yourself…


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One response to “just take care of yourself…

  1. sydney aged care

    May 13, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    A very nice composition. It only tells us that a person should help himself to grow up so that he can help others.


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