loveless summer… trying not to be jealous

10 May

Loveless summer.
that’s what this is going to be.
and I know this sounds really shallow
but I can’t help but think…

I’ve never spent a summer alone
you know I have guys calling all the time…
and I know you’re best friend is moving in with you
but I wish you wouldn’t tell me it’s all fine.

I guess I sound jealous or clingy.
and it’s not that i think i’m better or anything.
and even if our relationship is on hold,
don’t you start taking me for granted, please

As your best friend, yes you can count on me.
but for a relationship you have got to put in more
than being late for skypes & seeing old friends
I know I question everything, but I’ve got to be sure

I’ve got to know that you really want this
it’s not too late to be just friends, you know?
I hate not having you here to read your face.
But I’m being silly, or at least you tell me so.

You say you wish I was by your side, day & night
you say you wish i wouldn’t doubt or be insecure.
you say you promise I am your only one chosen,
you do all you can with words to try to reassure…

But actions speak far louder than words,
Planning a trip to visit me every six weeks,
is not a sufficient replacement for day to day.
Maybe tonight, you’ll be the one to remind me?

So your best friend from Europe
is crashed on your couch,
and I’m thousands of miles away
fighting for your time like an overlooked mouse.

I know it’s just one summer,
but it’s going to drive me insane.
loveless summer I’m dreading,
it doesn’t deserve the ‘summer’ name.


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One response to “loveless summer… trying not to be jealous

  1. Da Absentee

    May 20, 2012 at 9:13 pm

    long distance is always hard. Stay positive.


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