wild until you tamed me

11 May

I’ve never been in love with you more
and I know Im skipping back and forth
but not having you here drives me crazy…

I’m so lucky I’m so blessed to have you & your heart,
I”m so cursed, it’s a hex that we have to be so far apart…
you truly are the one who daily saves me….

Dropping the attitude, i love you.
dropping the pride, I’d do anything for us.
dropping the manipulation, please reaffirm me,
dropping everything, to keep our trust…

You say you would always choose me…
say you won’t let me go, even if i try…
Say you know I try to push guys away,
if they get close enough to make me cry…

But, baby you’re already there…
you could already break my heart…
it’s too late for self preservation,
but i’m glad i didn’t know from the start…

that you would be the one to tame me….

i may pretend to run, cuz you’ll chase me.
I may act a little mad, when you are late for skype dating,
and I may have been wild until you tamed me…
but you should never question that, i still want to be your baby


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