silver colored love

12 May

Silver light is the color I choose for you.
it’s bright, calm, and shines like the moon…
the color of your eyes that calm my heart,
the color of the night as i wish from afar….

Brown is too dark for how much you light up my world,
and yellow just hurts my eyes after too long,
red is too hot and angry, everything your not,
and a color as blank as white, would be just plain wrong.

A color as common as green in leaves & grass won’t do,
purple and pink are too girly and flirty for your ‘manly’ ways,
Blue is coming closer, but it flows away when you come near,
no silver light is the color for you, the color of eternal always…

silver moon light that shines & glows steadily on…
that i can look at with wonder, unlike the flashy sun…
you are always there, never overwhelming or flaky with clouds,
you are the color of trust, the color of your eyes, the color of love.


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