written on the dark side of the moon. (if i ever question it)

12 May

And there we were in the aftermath
dreaming of love, & love’s gone past…
asking each other if destiny is real,
comforting our hopes on the other’s zeal…

but I won’t be your memory again.
no days, no time’s ever better than this.
we have only the future to look to today,
we are free of our old yesterdays…

because you & me we can create perfect.
a mix of hope, love, understanding, & working for it…
this fire of longing, shall surly serve us well,
and I’m glad my heart fell for you when it fell…

we have our own language of the heart,
we hear each other’s music even through the wind afar,
and I shall see your eyes each night in the moon,
and you shall hear my voice in your guitar’s tune….

oh we live in dreams & reality’s woven,
in songs, poems, stories, wishes, and finally chosen
we knew it was a hard world to believe in when we began,
so shame on me for complaining when i really understand.

you & I have our names written in the stars,
chiseled on the dark side of the moon with stone…
You & I have a passion that we shall never let die,
and this year without you, is a small trial to undergo…

a small price to pay for eternal joy there after,
a small burden carried from the ashes of disaster,
and I choose you inside out & outside back in,
remind me I love you if I ever question it.
…if i ever question it.


(sung with Am, C & Em)…


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