pulses in the wind…

21 May

The throne of our love looms high above me,
and i can’t help but wonder, if i can ever reach that height?
You and I have our plans slowly weaving together,
but, I fear someday differences could lead us to a fight…

you lock your eyes on my fleeting glances,
and you tell me that you will never settle for anything but it all,
your hushed voice is certain, no quiver detected,
for once i believe you, when you say that you shall never let us fall…

because we could have ended then, that night…
i asked if we were too different or alike?
you said you’d never let me go away,
and so now, i hold that memory dearly tight….

as the heartbeat of our love pulses in the wind,
the distance fades the reassuring beats that live within,
i look to the horizon & feel my heart reaching out for him…
then tuck it in my pocket, to sleep until we are united again….


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One response to “pulses in the wind…

  1. Da Absentee

    June 16, 2012 at 1:57 am

    I see you tagged it AWW. thats exactly what i was thinking when I finished… 🙂


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