no more leavin’ behinds

24 May

I aint the same old girl you knew four years ago…
gunna prove with the time, i ain’t leavin’ no more…
and I realize my track record ain’t on the stayin’ side…
but, with you, babe i promise i’m sure.

I may get frustrated whine or cry
every now & again when I’m out here,
but for the first time I’m sticking through it,
love is the only reason I so truly care…

wish i could take back those flings
wish i could rewind the hearts I left behind…
because you were there from the beginning,
I wish i would have just taken you as mine…

but then, this is perfect, here & now
exactly how it was destined to be,
so i won’t complain, just know,
i would give up just about everything…

tonight i realized, it doesn’t much matter where you are,
i’d move to be the only girl to stand at your side,
because i’ll always love you, from the depths of my heart,
and I want you to be part of my day to day, year to year life…


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