stolen from the wild…. totally yours

26 May

Have you ever been so confused
about feelings you couldn’t understand?
ever been so afraid of love,
you almost didn’t give it a chance?

Have you ever wanted to run away
& unleash your wild side on the world?
pretend that feelings are for the weak?
and live the gypsy life of a music girl?

Wo-oh oh… that’s me, that’s I —
always fighting dreams that tie…
but you hold fast to my heart
with your love & silver blue eyes…

And in a backwards sort of jailbreak,
you stole my heart out of the wild terrain,
and have broken me into a faithful love…
your crazy dreams have made me tame…

somehow i’m freer with you at my side
than i ever was alone at the wheel…
& if i tried putting confusion into words,
i guess that’s how you make me feel…

totally crazy, totally wild
totally tamed, totally a child,
totally free, totally alive,
totally stuck on you for life…

totally begging, totally giving,
totally accepting, totally living,
finally have something to live for,
that finally, i am totally yours….


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